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The Le Rodrigue~s/z bulletin is the Rodrigue Families Association news organ. It is being published since 1998. It has adopted its current name with Volume 3, issue 2, May-August 2001. The meaning of the name is as follows (excerpt from the above-mentioned issue):

This name represents our RODRIGUE surname, of course; but the dash followed by the two letters “s” and “z” are also reminders of the written form of the surnames of the ancestors from whom our families are descended : RODRIGUES, of Portuguese origin, for the ancestors João (there were two of them, both from Lisbon), Sebastião (from Évora) and João Baptista (from Viana do Castelo); RODRIGUEZ, of Spanish origin, in the case of ancestor Pedro (from Toledo).

Le Rodrigue~s/z is presently published twice a year (in the fall and spring). Some of its articles or chronicles are also published in English, for the benefit of our English-speaking members. Redaction was until recently done by Anne-Marie Rodrigue, and infographics and page layout are done by Réal Rodrigue. It is printed and shipped by the Fédération des familles souche du Québec (FFSQ) (Federation of Québec's Founding Families).

Le Rodrigue~s/z is sent automatically to all members in good standing of the Association. It can also be bought by the issue at the cost of $ 3.50 per issue.

Réal Rodrigue



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